Thinking Partners


Joe Hill-Wilson




Joe co-designs or tunes ecosystems for optimised service at all levels of detail, through improved structure, process, culture and purpose. His experience draws upon a professional acting career, years as a development and leadership trainer and more recently having led a membership proposition for a market leading global concierge, servicing high-net worth individuals and major brands. His expertise focuses on customer value, service science and employee development & engagement.


– 4 free hours anywhere. What would you do?
I would spend it viewing all of the private art collections of the world. Art is of the world and belongs to the world so it should be kept accessible for everyone.

– What is your most important project for the world?
Looking after our planet better. There can be no bigger project.

– Who is your most inspirational human thinker?
My parents have always been my biggest inspirations. Kahlil Gibran. He has a wonderful way of expressing his insights on how to navigate life’s complexity.

– What is your favourite scientific concept?
Multiverse theory. I enjoy the idea of intelligent design having come from random occurrences and there being an endless possibility of designs and variation.

– Which symbol in the world is most significant to you?
The Tao. A symbol of unity, holism and balance.

– Who is your favourite artist?
Francis Bacon. An incredible artistic interpreter of the human condition and emotional spectrum.

– What is your most memorable childhood experience?
Going to parties with my parents and hitting the dance floors for the first time!

– What is your most treasured possession?
Cards and letters I have been given over the years. Reminds me of mine and others’ journeys so far and the amazing people in them.

– What single idea could most benefit the world future if taken up?

Being more tolerant and taking better care of our fellow man, regardless of sex, race or religion.