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Virtuoso® is a registered trademark of Stepping Stones Consultancy Ltd.  Virtuoso is a technology advancement from the open source and public domain kernel Stellar®, which was co-developed by one of our partners, Angus Jenkinson, in 2002-4 with colleague Richard Leachman. The technology, practice and theoretical base has since been tested and amplified through research with consultants, academics and companies, as well as deployed in dozens of situations. Various versions and applications of Stellar have been developed by Stepping Stones and others. We acknowledge this source in the development of this offering. Stellar is a registered trademark owned by Stellar Ltd, the organisation that maintains the free right of users to access and use the IP, see Stellar.eu.

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The Centre for Thinking Futures is a non profit research centre supported by Thinking. It is an international collaborative scholarship and futures centre with its home site at Thinking.Institute.

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