Reframing Leadership


Discover the secret of change.

Want to develop skills in high-level strategic change that you can apply across your organisation?

Reframing Leadership offers an exceptional hands-on scientifically sound experience and method.  Participants learn how to see and enable new possibilities and innovations quite invisible before.

You will find this insightful programme invaluable if these conditions apply.

·       You need to navigate complex situations designing change that also involves others.

·       The right outcome is not always clear and/nor the path to achieving it.

·       The changes would be valuable.

·       You are interested in learning innovative method.

This offering is an exceptional not-to-missed UK opportunity with two of the world-leaders in the field, Philip Pryor and Angus Jenkinson.

Participants learn to dissolve problems using light touch changes and the perfect nudge.  They achieve power through delicate influence.  And they begin to think differently not only about ‘problems’, but also about the world, leadership and companies.

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