Uniquely you

Virtuoso: the organisation of identity

Are all grocers really alike? However similar to others in their sector, enterprises have always been unique at all levels of detail. Embracing this individuality, we offer Virtuoso®, a definitive identity methodology.  Virtuoso avoids the cynicism typical of so many brand and values projects. It precisely, simply and quickly resolves, clarifies and aligns your unique enterprise, in tune, at its best.


Virtuoso enables enterprises and leaders to navigate complexity and change. Generative insights stimulate coherent and self-sustaining creativity. Your teams and individuals across the enterprise will enhance and enliven all aspects of what you do. Offerings and design ideas, customer experience, brand expression, vision, cultural workings, purpose, brand core, strategic thrust, positioning, financial/business model and your unique performance system all improve. See also VSM for structuring organisations.

Virtuoso in practice

Cases: Virtuoso has been evolving for 15 years from its roots in the Stellar® toolset. It helped to inform a global brand strategy in one of the world's largest technology firms. It helped a children's charity refocus their strategy and cultural practices. It has been used by business schools and children’s schools, digital agencies and government. A financial services firm rebranded and refocused its marketing. It was used across Scandinavia by a government innovation and capability-building project for SMEs. See report at