The Science of Simplifying,
Taming Risk

Organisational life has become complex, messy, and fast changing. Risks and costs go up. Efficiency, service and morale go down. Cost-cutting and digitisation often increases these problems and makes life tough for people.


We help you understand how you can work at your best. How you can simplify and focus. How to reduce risk and become more creative and adaptive. This is because of technics not rhetoric. Deep knowhow rooted in advanced organisation science made accessible. Productivity improves. Work makes more sense.

Smoothing in practice

We showed how local authority and health functions in an area of the West Midlands had their own responses to the misuse of alcohol. We clarified the way the service interactions operated and showed how many of the costs and frustrations in the system were generated by unintended consequences of particular policies.
Smoothing allowed the European procurement team of a global engineering and IT firm to see how they created the very barriers to service that they bemoaned.