The Go of it

It is a company (or person’s) patterns that make it what it is. Good. Bad. Unique. We call it the go. We help nurture the genius. And design small adjustments that dramatically improve results.

The go of it

Learning to see the patterns and designing light touches that shift these purposefully to fit better is a special skill. Any aspect is good for us to work on. Become customer facing and innovative. Improve cashflow. Design better objectives...

The go of it in practice

Travel Blue is a fantastic family business selling travel accessories. Over more than a decade it carefully built up a pattern of product development, go to market approaches and customers. But it was not a brand. And it was tactical. A few days of meetings and Avi and Dassi Levin had the insights that created a world class brand overnight and a global strategy that has taken them to almost 200 countries. All nudging existing potential.