Switching on

Any performance artist or sportsperson knows about switching on. What does it mean for an enterprise to be switched on?

It involves an unusual level of attunement across potentially thousands or tens of thousands of people focused on being alive, purposefully creative and in the flow. It means outmanoeuvring, outplaying and outthinking competitors. And fabulous experience for customers. Small precise details can switch on or switch off the collective current. That is our skill.

Switching on

Switch on internally to switch on customers. We offer talent development and talent reconnection: re-engaging the disengaged, revitalising the apathetic, re-interesting the cynical.

It leads to caring about customer experience and what they really value. Going the extra yard to save the extra mile. Customer-experienced outcomes include better value propositions, innovative memorable offerings with distinctive and lovable design features, and ensemble performance in service of service.

Switching on in practice

IBM’s WW VP of Brand System and IBMer Enablement, Kevin Bishop, asked us to review how the IBM Brand System could unfold through the IBM culture to 400,000+ IBMers around the world. Afterwards, Kevin said our work was “a potentially game changing set of initiatives and new approaches, including …a focus on future design rather than gap closing… Angus and the team helped us to explore scale and diversity in multiple dimensions, enabling us to understand systemic patterns that ripple across the organisation and the type of actions that need to be taken to establish a new type and level of eminence in the 21st century”.