Thinking serves your unique potential.

Few organisations fulfil their potential. That's what we help you do.

Exceptional IP

It has taken 3 decades to weave our exceptional mix of capability. Deep integrated 21st century theory. Great tools. Rich practical experience. It makes for fast organisation development.

And we teach it. If you want a briefing on our remarkable cross-disciplinary IP, please ask. It is ripe for a complex ecologically challenged world. And partnered with an ethic of service.

Core capabilities include Virtuoso®, light touch change, organisation design and CX.

  • Cybernetics*
    designing systems to steer towards goals
  • Self-organising*
    creative, resilient, autonomy and teamwork
  • Organisation design                                                                            fractal and archetypal design patterns for coherent organizations
  • Perceptual control theory*
    the C21st science of intentional performance
  • Design thinking*,
    a discipline for human outcomes
  • Service-dominant logic*
    C21st marketing thinking
  • Hermeneutics*
    making sense holistically
  • Phenomenology*
    seeing the connecting pattern, dealing with facts
  • Ecology*
    how living groups work together interdependently
  • Sociality*
    how people work best together, dissolving conflict