The Go of it

Across the world of work, people are embedded in situations governed by distinctive organizational patterns, which decidedly shift how they behave and what they do. The go of most organizations can be radically improved, with potential for unique genius.

The go of it

Learning to see the actual patterns and to design light touches that shift these purposefully to fit better is one of our skills. We can help you to restructure your decision-servicing organization, technology, processes, workspaces and especially information flows to serve better. We can remove barriers to being customer facing and innovative. We can especially help you to remodel measurement to serve you better.

The go of it in practice

We worked with a successful national homeless charity to model how their work affected the journey from living rough to successful reintegration. The patterns and ethos that maintained users in different states were key to modelling transitions. | A local government diagnostic of nine health service commissioning organisations found that only 1% of their time and resource went into commissioning. The go of these organizations was focused on other things. We provided insights for action!