Thinking is a global leader in identity fulfilment

Few organisations fulfil their potential. Our core capability is enabling you to be fully who you are, what you do, and how you do it. This becomes realised in customer experience.

The whole approach

Our four skilful centres are rooted in our unique, ethical and sustainable methodology, which weaves together rich fields, (see Glossary for * items).  At the core is the remarkable cross-disciplinary science of cybernetics*, a navigating principle that successfully negotiates complexity and change to maintain a path to desired outcomes. This is melded with an integrated, ecological and self-organising wisdom of autopoiesis: simultaneously alive with modern science, ancient wisdom and exceptional leadership practice. To this we bring an ethic of service, with our clients and for their stakeholders.

As we see and use them, these disciplines, which cross science, sociology and humanities, are not separate sciences but a meta-discipline. We make this accessible and practical, without requiring deep knowledge, through a variety of tools in the work we do with our clients.

Our Ecologic blog, Library and Glossary explain more of the thinking and practice. We also share this knowhow through education and training services.



  • Cybernetics*
    (designing flows of information to steer or control outcomes)
  • Autopoiesis*
    (self-organising; how organisms and organizations self-form and maintain themselves)
  • Viable System Model*                                                                            (designing and modelling coherent organizations)
  • Perceptual control theory*
    (intentional performance)
  • Design thinking*, semiotics, stigmergy and speech act theory               (communication designed for value and social flow outcomes)
  • Service-dominant logic*
    (how value is cocreated)
  • Hermeneutics*
    (coherence, making sense, ideas)
  • Phenomenology*
    (wholeness, pattern recognition)
  • Ecology*
    (the dynamic self-balancing complexity of wholeness and adaptive living ecosystems)
  • Sociality*
    (creative collaboration and conflict dissolution)